Why should every retailer have a mobile application?

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Why should every retailer have a mobile application?

With the recent boom in mobile technology, owning a mobile application for your business has become almost mandatory for all businessmen especially a retailer. It has been clearly estimated that sales due to mobile commerce will rise exponentially to almost $62 billion in the next five years. So it has become mandatory for all the retailers to own a mobile application. In this blog let us discuss how a mobile application can benefit a retailer.

1. Shoppers favorite: According to a recent analysis, it has been found out that users spend 252% more time on retail mobile apps than what it was in 2011. These mobile applications will be beneficial to the retailers and users. So just go for it.

2. Easy to make: There are tools and service providers in the market who can easily make a mobile application for your business using HTML5, CSS and Java Script.

3. Plenty of ideas available: These are many creative mobile app designers and developers who can design and develop a simple yet attractive mobile application that is right for your business. Just get a simple mobile retail application developed that shows products and pricing. This is more than enough.

4. Remember that your competitors have mobile applications: Your competitors have one, so you should not be left behind. Cognizant the first IT firm has recently analyzed and told that 83% of top retailers have at least one mobile application. So you should not lag behind.

As a retailer you may stand to benefit the most. So get a mobile application for your retail business and increase your business ROI.

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