Which is a better CMS tool? Drupal or WordPress

better CMS tool? Drupal or WordPress

Which is a better CMS tool? Drupal or WordPress

Those who are working on Content Management System always have a doubt whether WordPress is better than Drupal or Drupal is more beneficial than WordPress. In this blog we are not going to discuss which is better but we are going to discuss what is better for you. Whether it is WordPress or Drupal each have its own disadvantages and prudence is in finding out what suits you.

Let us first see the benefits of WordPress:

  • Easy to use. Especially for blogs and contents.
  • It is browser based. So can be managed from any computer.
  • Search Engine friendly.
  • Easily scalable.
  • Enables multiple users.

Now let us see what the benefits of Drupal are:

  • Very flexible.
  • Entirely free.
  • Supported by high profile clients.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Enables fast development of websites.

Which is better? Make a prudent choice. Now what matters is what your goal is. Choose WordPress or Drupal but choose the one that is best suited for your requirement. If you want to manage contents and blogs then just choose WordPress. It helps bloggers to create and manage blog contents easily. Blogging and Content Management System becomes a child’s play. But if you need a wider scope with better flexible features, then it should be Drupal. With Drupal you can build a site, build an ecommerce store, build a forum and user profile. You can also add modules.


If you want a CMS tool for just content management and blogging, then just keep WordPress. If you want more that this, then Drupal with its varied features will come handy. Choose what suit your goals better and enjoy Content Management System.

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