What SEO challenges are we to face in 2014?


What SEO challenges are we to face in 2014?

The year 2013 is almost over. The time has come to plan what SEO strategies will benefit you next year. You may be a small businessman or the owner of a great corporate. You have to now decide on the SEO strategies that will help you enhance business efficiency and give better ROI. As a business owner you have to take decisions like where to invest time and money to improve business efficiency, whether to retain the SEO services provider or hire another one, which SEO strategy will benefit you and many others. In this blog I want to discuss the major challenges that the SEO consultants face in ranking a business and what remedial measures can be taken to improve SERP ranking.

  • Understand that Google and SER rankings are never static: You would have achieved good results last year for your company in Google’s Search page. Your company would have been found on the first page or even better than that. Don’t think that this is permanent and you can expect the same the next year too. With ever growing businesses and everyone optimizing their website, you will not get the same results. Equip yourself to the changing technologies, Google’s changing algorithms, changes in the markets, new products and devices etc and decide on SEO strategy that will help you benefit. Don’t think that the ‘sun will always shine’. Don’t always expect an upward trend in Google Analytics. Keep on working on various SEO strategies to bring your sight on the top. SEO is a continuous process. Don’t just install and forget it. Do a fine tune of your techniques and go for a complete change if necessary. Keep updating contents, blogs etc.
  • Be Aware of all the changes in SERP: With Google fiercely promoting vertical/universal search, it has become all the more difficult to bring the site to the 1st page of SERP rankings. Even if your website is placed 3rd or 4th still organic traffic is not good for the website because you have to now compete with many more sites. If such is the case, don’t panic, don’t blame yourself or your SEO consultant. Don’t think that you have failed in your SEO. You have to understand that even retaining traffic to a certain level is to be appreciated. Just keep working on the optimization part and soon you will find better results.
  • Let your expectations be realistic: Don’t have expectations that are sky high. Last year’s results do not guarantee the next year’s results. Be prudent in what you want to achieve and give time for the goals to be reached.
  • SEO strategy once successful may not be so now: Keep optimizing your website more and more. Don’t think that traditional SEO strategies are just enough. With more and more people entering business, with mobile search becoming popular, it has become mandatory to stay high on SERP ranking if you don’t want to lose business. Care should be taken to make your SEO strategy for 2014 to be geo targeted. You have to decide on an international, national and local strategy. Make customers speak for you. Invite customer testimonials to add proof of what you do. Make your website, business and products trustworthy.

The success of your Website ranking does not always depend on traffic: Recently a change was made by Apple in iOs which states that ‘those users reaching websites from Google’s Search Engines after doing searches from with Safari will be counted at direct traffic rather than ‘search traffic’. You may not find ’search traffic’ to your website. That doesn’t mean that your SEO is ineffective. See if you can establish a dashboard to your analytics tool, so that you can see the trends of the traffic from organic search.

No shortcuts to SEO: Don’t ever try out any shortcuts to improve optimization. This can be very dangerous. Google may even ban you.

The above said are some of the challenges we will face in the years to come. It is mandatory to do ethical SEO Services. Keep optimizing your website in an ethical way and reach the pinnacles of your business success in an effective way.

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