What exactly does your customer want when he asks for a website redesign?


What exactly does your customer want when he asks for a website redesign?

Facing a big hue and cry from a client that his website is not attractive enough to draw customers? Planning for website redesign for him? This is indeed a difficult task. Your client may be diplomatic or not very clear in what he wants. But you should be prudent enough to understand what he really wants. In this blog, let us discuss what exactly your client expects from a redesigning.

Redesigning a website for a client is as laborious as passing a bill in the parliament. You have to face many criticisms, advices, opinions and plans from all corners. How can you design a website that comes up to the expectation of the client?

  • If your client is the CEO of the company then he might want a website that just will attract more traffic and in turn give better ROI. Set benchmarks for the website. Explain clearly with the help of clear statistics what is the position of the website today and what you are promising to give in two month’s time. Set targets and form pathways to reach the targets. Do a complete website analysis to show him/her the pros and cons of the website. Explain to her well how you can change the course for betterment.
  • Your client may want the complete website security, good speed in loading the pages and also a complete website optimization to make the website get better internet presence. Talk to your client about the security features that you are going to give the website. Give explanations of how you are going to optimize the website. Talk about keywords optimization, CMS and blog entries that you are going to add.
  • Some of your clients may just want striking designs. Be creative enough to design attractive and unique web designs to attract visitors. Find out what new elements can be added. Read our blog @ …www.webzudio.com/what-trends-of-web-design-will-make-your-website-shine-in-2014/
  • Some of your clients may just say’ More leads please’. What you should do is to improve the credibility of the website. Add relevant images, logos, virtual tours, testimonials and feedback to add credibility to the website. If the website is trustworthy naturally it will attract more visitors and customers.
  • Some may simply want contents to be optimized with keywords. Create contents enriched with keywords. When you move content from one URL to another take care to map out 301 Redirects. These 301 redirects are like change of address of the website. The crawlers will know where to find the contents and the SEO value of the site will not diminished.
  • Some client may just want a website that can be easily read and navigated. They say ‘No Confusion Please! We should find what we want’. To please them redesign a website with a clear home page, relevant contents, search boxes, call to action button and other important features. Ask the visitors, conduct a survey on what basis do they search for information and try to fill in all these in the home page. Give relevant links and sub pages.

A customer is the king. If you want to be a successful web designer, you should have a customer centric approach. Follow these simple strategies when you do a website redesign and make your customers happy.

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