Website traffic dropped? Don’t worry! Some SEO issues that you can resolve

Website traffic dropped? Don’t worry! Some SEO issues that you can resolve

One fine day you log into Google analytics and are you shocked to find a dip in the visitors coming to your page? Then this must be the tip of an iceberg. Your website would have been affected by the recent Google algorithm updates or it may just be a common occurrence. As a business owner you have to take some quick actions to put your website back into track. Here is the checklist and the necessary solutions.

Check the Google Webmasters account every day for messages. This will help you find out the issue and find out those relevant solutions. The issues maybe:

  • Unnatural Link: If you get this message the most important step that you should take is to find a SEO expert and hand him over the job. This message means that the links pointing to your website are spammy and therefore Google expects you to remove all of the links. Some of the links may be like a worthy check to your website which should not be removed .So call a SEO expert who can do this job for you.
  • Google Bot inaccessibility: This is a major problem. Sometimes the Google spiders and crawlers are not able to crawl your website and this will result in your website pages not getting indexed and losing Internet visibility. This issue may be due to faulty firewall settings. Check the DNS server and confirm if the web server is not blocking Google Bots. Call a technical SEO expert and solve these issues.
  • Malware detection: If there is Malware detection on your website it speaks ill of your website and this means that you have to take some stringent security measures to keep your website safe and clean. Otherwise very soon Google will drop your website from getting indexed. Contact an expert hosting service provider to check the issue.
  • A careful check of Google analytics: Google analytics overview of ‘traffic source’ will help you to detect the problem. Once you identify the problem you can take some measures to solve them.
  • Don’t change URL: This will result in Google de indexing the original page.

Follow these simple steps to find out why your SERP ranking is tumbling and take some careful measures to rectify them. Call a professional SEO expert to solve the problems.

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