Web Browsers and Web Site Owners – Beware of Malware


Web Browsers and Web Site Owners – Beware of Malware

Recently we were very surprised to see the label ‘This site may harm your computer’ on one of the websites that we commonly visit. This site did not open in the P.C that had Kaspersky antivirus software installed. After many researches and queries we found out that this web site has been affected by a virus called MALWARE .

What is a Malware ? Malware is the short form of a phrase ‘Malicious Software’. This software is used by attackers to disturb your computer operations, to collect all sensitive information and to finally enter the computer system. This  generally refers to a variety of unfriendly hostile softwares.

Malware can affect two groups of people – The website owner and the browsing customer. Let us first discuss the problems faced by the browsing customers. If your computer is infected by Malware that has entered the system through a website then you would face the following problems:

  • Your computer runs slowly.
  • Your system stops responding.
  • It might just crash.
  • You may get some unusual error messages.
  • You may also receive some unwanted dialog boxes and menus.
  • Sometimes some new tool bar and links would appear suddenly.
  • When you open your system, your  home page could have been changed.
  • Some times you would be directed to a new page without you asking for it.
  • There might be popups on your screen even when you are not connected to the internet.

If you are a website owner, then it becomes all the more difficult to find out if your website is affected by Malware. Inspite of all the security measures if you want to find out whether your website is infected by Malware, the only way out is to scan your website periodically and take remedial measures.

Now arises the problem of removing the Malware and starting up the cleaning process. This process should be done immediately so as to minimize the damages caused .

The following steps should be adopted to clean the website of Malware virus:

  • Use a Plugin to scan the website. You can also refer the site ‘www.sucurti.net’.
  • Have a backup for the entire database.
  • Uninstall WP default plug in and theme.
  • Download a fresh version of WP, all the plugins.
  • Use a clean Template.
  • Upgrade the database   applications so that you can make all the necessary changes to your database.
  • Change your Admin username and password. Make it more complicated by choosing alphanumerical features.
  • Remove the injected Iframe from header and footer.
  • If the URL is ugly remove it.
  • Send a mail to the web master and inform him that you have cleaned the site of virus and request him to remove the label’ This site may harm your computer’. You may also refer the site ‘www.stopbsdware.org. to write a review.

What should be done to remove the virus from the P.C? Install a good Antivirus software. Run it and remove all the virus from your PC.

Stay vigilant and safegaurd your website and PC from Malware. Eternal vigilance is the price for safety.

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