The Recent Change Made By Google On Site Command


The Recent Change Made By Google On Site Command

Google has always been making some changes to give thumbs up to those websites that have genuine contents and those that follow ethical SEO strategies. I recently read an article ‘Site command Limited to 30 results? Google says a temporary domain clusters bug’. Even if a website has 300 pages, Google will now slow only 30 pages on Google search engine updates. They say that this is a temporary check and will be able to show more results by next week.

This change has been brought to give better usability of the search page results. If a user has already seen the first 30 pages of a particular URL from a particular domain, and if he has not found what he wanted, this means that domain doesn’t have an answer for his search. So it is no use going beyond the pages.

This change brought by Google has now made SEO more important. The SEO consultants should now try to optimize the other pages and bring them within the first 3 pages of the Search Engine Results to get better SERP rankings. To know more about SEO please read our blog titled ‘How an SEO Company helps your business’ at

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