The Most Important Web Design principles to Follow While Creating Websites for Small Businesses


The Most Important Web Design Principles to Follow While Creating websites for Small Businesses

With the recent developments in the US, small businesses have started playing a major role in improving the country’s economy. A recent statistics has showed that 97% of employees are those who work in small businesses and they contribute to around 70 to 80% of the jobs in the country. These statistics have proved that these small business owners are the backbone of the country. With fast growing technological developments, these small businesses should equip themselves to survive and grow. What will help them do this? A well designed and developed website. In this blog let us discuss some web design principles can make the website attractive and in turn make the business popular.

Opt for minimalistic design: Don’t crowd your website with irrelevant designs, colors and contents. Many designers are too happy to oblige to filling up the website with flashing designs and contents to attract visitors. This will not work out any more. You can get your website designed with relevant designs and colors to keep it minimally designed.

Keep the basic information strong: Any small business owner should get a website designed so that all basic information like ‘The Company’ or ‘About Us’ is clearly explained. Go for a straightforward page with clear contents.

Utilize thematic colors to improve credibility: Choose thematic colors to suit your business and use the colors in your website. This will improve the branding of your website resulting in enhanced credibility. Thematic colors will always attract visitors to the page.

Don’t Miss ‘Call to Action’ buttons: See to it that your website has an attractive call to action button. This is very important because it bridges the gap between the customer and the business owner. Any call to action button will help visitors get converted to  customers.

Include Blogs: The most efficient way to give maximum information to customers is by posting blogs daily. Include keywords to the blog and write relevant, interesting and informative blogs to draw visitors.

Creation of Logo: Although a website design and functionality are important, the logo plays a major role in enhancing credibility of the website. The business owner should see to it that the logo is designed to perfection.

Don’t pack homepage with endless contents: Some of the business owners feel that the home page should be totally filled with contents to attract visitors. This is not so. Keep the homepage clean and well designed with only relevant contents. You can give links to the other pages through which you can give detailed information of your products and services.

A well designed web page can work wonders for your small business. If you’re a new small business owner, get an attractive website designed by a professional web designer and benefit from it.

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