Social Media Optimization and Contents of your website: How well can they be connected? Read our Top 7 Strategies.


Social Media Optimization and Contents of your website: How well can they be connected? Read our Top 7 Strategies

With many social media websites becoming more popular it has become mandatory to become more customer centric rather than Google Centric. Surprising! Isn’t it? SMO has become so necessary that you have to concentrate more on inviting people to a conversation, share your services and explain how well you can solve their issues. In this blog I want to discuss how content plays a major role in Social Media Optimization.

  1. Posting blogs and articles: Posting blogs and articles is of course important but having irresistible content that will compel readers to share them with others is also equally important. You can even write how you had solved the problems of the customers. This will make readers share the content with others.
  2. Share the Company history: Through your website convey your personal history. Talk to people about how you started business, what your vision is, what your goals and objectives are, and personal info about your employees and other interesting facts about your company. This will capture the readers’ attention and force them to share it with others through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.
  3. Connect with your readers: Add a personal touch to the contents of the web page. Introduce your team along with thier profile to readers. Introduce the prestigious team who were pioneers in starting your business. This will definitely interest the readers and this kind of reader engagement is very important to connect you well with the customers. These readers are your brand ambassadors. They will speak for you through the social media websites.
  4. Use friendly language: Let your contents be user friendly. It should be understandable and lovable. Don’t write matter of fact contents. Sprinkle jokes here and there. This is one of the best strategies to attract customers.
  5. Add Images: You have to understand one important thing i.e. the more the images the better. A visual impact is always appreciated. Add relevant images as you can to make your website as irresistible as you can.
  6. Make contents mobile friendly: With the exponential rise in smart phones it has become mandatory to make your content mobile friendly. This of course makes your content more connectable with all the social media websites while on the move.
  7.  Don’t forget to add sharing buttons: Add sharing buttons of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter next to contents, articles and blogs.

Social media websites play a major role in connecting your website with your customers. The more you share the better it is to keep your business ahead of your business competitors. In this digital age, don’t ever ignore social media websites. Write engaging contents, attract readers and improve business.

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