Is customized business Mobile Application beneficial?


Is customized business Mobile Application beneficial?

Recent statistics has showed that about five billion mobile subscribers are online and 41% of world’s population use smart phones to purchase goods and other services. Don’t you think that you, as a business owner should optimize mobile technology by having customized mobile application developed just for your business.
The benefits of small business Mobile Application:

Enables close contact with customers: When the user downloads this app, you can remain in contact with your customers 24/7. You can put information, brand messages and promises on the mobile device of your customers so that your customers get immediate information about your business.

  • Helps you send notifications: You can send free messages to your customers. You can send them about special discount, coupons and promotional sales. Are you aware of the fact that mobile alerts have 97% read rate? This marketing strategy is very cost effective too.
  • Attract more customers through testimonials: Let us see how testimonials help your business via mobile applications. Testimonials play a vital role in today’s business. For example you offer attractive coupons your customers through your app. Your customers see this and they share this information with their friends. This goes viral and more people will download your app and take the benefit of the coupons. Happy customers send testimonials and new customers, after reading these testimonials, will come to you for more business.
  • ‘Contact us’ tab helps you: Include a ‘contact us’ tab that will give your customers to immediately contact you through your mobile application.
  • Enables Social Media connection: Your customers will get connected to social media partners through their mobile applications and the numbers of people coming to know of your business improves.
  • Enable ‘share this app’: This app provides an option ‘Share this app’. This gives your customers t share this app with other customers and this brings customers to your business.

Have a business mobile application developed for your business and increase customer spending, enhance creation of new customers and take your business to the next level. There are many softwares available that can used to update or maintain your application. Create a business application suited to your requirements and reap the benefits.

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