Integrate Social Media into your Customer Service Strategy


Integrate Social Media into your Customer Service Strategy

In the recent pact, social media has played a major role in addressing, resolving many of the customers’ problems. The recent popularity of these websites has carried them beyond marketing. They have become a media through which a customer can interact, research, comment or even attack a particular brand, a business or its owner. Now it has become mandatory to integrate social media operations with customer services, if a website owner wants an excellent global presence.

In this blog, let us discuss why we should integrate social media with customer services offered by you.

The Top 8 Reasons:

  • Extends Quick help to customers:  A Social media website is always awake. You should always be connected to it and be vigilant enough to see if your customers are online to speak to you. If they need any help, answer them immediately. This careful step taken by you can carry you miles ahead in your business.
  • Words spread faster than fire: Your constant contact with your customers, your response, and your constant support creates a good image for you. Your customers would spread these messages faster than fire.
  • Makes constant Monitoring possible: You are able to capture the consumer sentiment, the positives and negatives about products, their feedback about the services that you offer and the how far are they attached to your product. This valuable information would help you to improve your business and to scale new heights.
  • Helps you establish a compelling web presence through community: Form part of a community or a forum which would give your business instant recognition. Initially form a community internally within your team members and then carry it to the social media and make it a bigger group to find out what your customer needs, help them understand company’s values. Etc….
  • Helps you to take proactive measures: Listening to your customers is not just enough. Take proactive measures, for example find out how your customers are reacting to a particular product, service or feature. If the reaction is positive ramp up your production it make the product available to all. If the reaction is negative, then take the remedial measures.
  • Enables transparency to business:  Social Media interactions give transparency to your business. This transparency helps build customers trust.
  • Helps you build an alternative contact Channel: We have to keep in mind that every customer would try all sorts of channel to have a contact with the product owner, get their doubts cleared and get all their problems resolved. A social Media website translates better services in this matter.
  • Helps you to give a clear picture of what you are: You can even use behind scene strategies like online videos, presentations, e books etc. to give a clear picture of what you are and what you do.

Social Media has now carved niche for itself in this fast growing marketing world. Be aware of its benefits, take proactive measures and grow into a top class businessman.

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