How does Google Authorship increase Credibility of the contents and play a major role in SEO?


How does Google Authorship increase Credibility of the contents and play a major role in SEO?

Many of us think that Google+ is just another social media website similar to Facebook and Twitter. But what we don’t realize is that Google+ has introduced unique a feature called Google Authorship that aims to build the author’s credibility on the web and give top most priority to genuine contents, blogs and articles and show big thumbs down to copied contents. So now in this blog I want to discuss how we can benefit from Google Authorship and increase SERP result for your website. Being anonymous no longer works.

How to create a Google authorship?

Creating a Google Authorship is of course very easy. Create a Google+ profile and add a well taken profile photo. Be sure to add a byline that includes your name and should appear on your content. Care should be taken to match your byline and Google profile name. The next step is to create quality content with relevant keyword and links. Link your content with Google+ profile. See to it that you have the email address on the same domain.

How does Google Authorship work for you?  

If you are a blog writer or a content writer you can build rank and trust by writing authentic content, blogs on the web. The ranking is done based on the frequency your content is linked to and shared with. If your content is frequently shared with then your contents are relevant and of high quality. It becomes important to publish quality blogs. The more quality contents you publish the higher the ranking is.

What are the advantages of Google Authorship?

  • Gives your content a great internet presence.
  • Helps you rank well as a popular author.
  • Gives a page ranking to all your articles.
  • Builds trust.
  • Gives your article a great recognition.
  • Keywords and links give the best optimization to your website.

Google Authorship is a unique approach to foster quality contents. Get one and enjoy the benefits.

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