How can SEO friendly blogs optimize your websites?


How can SEO friendly blogs optimize your websites?

Are you aware of the fact that Google has made 10 algorithm changes in the past four months? It has now become all the more difficult to optimize websites. Despite this it has become all the more important to make your website found on the internet. It has become all the more important to post contents and blogs of enriched keywords and follow the necessary steps of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this blog I want to discuss how we have to optimize blogs to make them SEO friendly.

1st strategy: Focus on certain keyword phrases and turn them into blog topics: Put yourself in the customer’s position and think what exactly they need from your website. Check whether the contents and blogs answer the questions. Nowadays people have already started searching using long phrases or questions. For example instead of ‘AC Installation’ people have started searching using questions like ‘How can I choose a good AC Installer?’ So your blog content should be relevant to answer these long queries. So write blogs that are search friendly.

2nd strategy: Optimize headlines in a proper way: Keywords should be placed in the front part of the blog headings. For example ‘Social Media Integration- a must for a website’ will be better than ‘Should a website be integrated with social media’? Keep the keyword in front of the blog heading and not behind. This will be useful.

3rd strategy: Be creative enough to form innovative blog titles: Form blog titles that will attract readers. It can be mysterious too! The more number of people read your blogs and share it with others, the better it is for your website.

4th strategy: Let your links and anchor text be SEO friendly: Search engines when they crawl the blog they don’t read every word. Instead they crawl headlines, sub headers, links, alt text and anchor texts. Choose the right words to hyper link. Learn to place the anchor texts correctly. If the keyword is repeated many times on a blog page, try to use the first instance as the anchor text and link it with the proper page. Search engines always rely on these first instances rather than subsequent instances. Don’t distribute your links and anchor text to different pages. Focus on a single keyword and give relevant links.

5th strategy: Use tags judiciously: Be smart in using blogs tags. Don’t use synonymous tags.

6th strategy: Share blogs with social media websites: Blogs that are shared with social media will give better results in search engine rankings. The more people come to your website, the more in bound links that you will get. Integrate blogs well with social media websites and add relevant icons.

7th strategy: Optimize your website using Responsive design: Responsive design will make your blogs readable in all kinds of devices like PC, smart phones and tablets. Recent statistics has showed that around 30% users read contents while on the go. If your blog is not mobile optimized then you stand to lose your search engine optimization battle.

Follow these simple strategies and make use of blogs to give you the best results in SERP rankings.

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