Can you improve the ranking of an older existing website?


Can you improve the ranking of an older existing website?

Many website would have been created long time back and they may be having old contents too. Your website would have been placed at a decent ranking but if you are interested in moving it up to the coveted spot no.1, you should follow the given strategies.

  • Improve on the existing content: Replace or adjust the existing content to give your website a new look. This may help greatly in improving your SERP rankings.
  • Get more external links to your website: Search engines often play more importance to what others say about you rather than you yourself. Have guest contents, promotions, testimonials, reviews, portfolios, social media partners integrated with your site. These strategies give a major role to boost your SERP rankings.
  • Insert PPC ads: PPC ads play a major role in giving your site internet visibility. A well formed and incorporated PPC can help to boost the ranking.
  • Revitalize the pages and contents: Add some color to the existing old pages. Refresh the contents, enrich the website with interesting videos, vibrant images, introduce extraordinary designs, concentrate on visual aesthetics, fill up unique contents and blogs, modify the title and descriptions and give a face lift to the website.

Give Internal Links: Make sure that you have relevant internal links and redirects so that it becomes very easy to the viewer to see the relevant pages.

Give a branding to your company: If a third party site talks about you, when someone tweets about your product, when social media users discuss you, when someone blogs about you, then your website gains branding and becomes credible. If credibility increases, then traffic increases. If traffic increases, then your business increases.

Follow the above given techniques, make your website visible online, pull more visitors to it and improve the profitability of your business. Your site may be an old or a new one. That does not matter. Follow these strategies and have a profitable business.

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