Can Facebook integration be really a beneficial for social media integration to your website?


Can Facebook integration be really a beneficial for social media integration to your website?

With the Facebook new plug in, integrating Facebook with your website has become easier. This plug in is so powerful and useful that it has attracted the support of many users. Is integrating your site with Facebook really a good idea? In this blog let us discuss what are the advantages of Facebook integration the disadvantages and the stance that you should take to benefit your business.

Advantages of Facebook integration:

Are you aware of the fact that Facebook has around 500 million daily active users? Even if you search the whole world, you will not find a single person without Facebook account. With such popularity it becomes easy for others to know about your site, to know more about your services and products thus giving immense popularity to your business. With Facebook sharing becomes easy. It enables a powerful commenting system that is completely spam free. You can use it to reach new audience. In short, it can become a great marketing and promotional tool to carry your business forward.

Disadvantages of Facebook integration:

Some of the customers feel that Facebook is not trustworthy. Nothing is kept secret. People who want to remain anonymous don’t like to use Facebook. Some feel that Facebook integration with websites is not necessary at all especially if the site wants to keep the information private like medical or financial websites.

What is your stance?

Social media integration with your site clearly depends on what your needs are. If you want to popularize products, attract new audience, enable more business, and then just go in for Facebook integration. If you want to help information secret and private, if you don’t want to scare away readers then stay away from it. Weigh the pros and cons and take a prudent decision.

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