A Few Tips to Designers to Make Response Web Design Effective


A Few Tips to Designers to Make Response Web Design Effective

Nowadays everybody has fairly a good idea about Responsive web design. It is actually a design that fits all screen sizes and is compatible with all net browsers. It is the designer’s job to keep the site content and graphics well suited to large screens as well as small screens. Nowadays with the big boom in the usage of smart phones, it has become mandatory to create responsive designs to suit all devices and enable customers and business owners to do business while on the go. In this blog let us discuss how to make responsive web design effective.


The most important feature of responsive design is fitting the text, images and layouts into all kinds of screens. Care should be taken that all contents, images should fit all screens without getting cutting off. The designers should keep the typefaces show the same style, scale and format even when scaled down to suit smaller devices. They can even use plug-in called “Fit Text” to suit this purpose.


The next important features that the designers should concentrate upon are images. The designers should create such excellent responsive designs that can be viewed well on all devices and should not get chopped off on smaller devices. The designers can use graphical elements within the body so that it becomes easy for them to lay them in template, check the design on PC and then shrink them down to smaller sizes.

Easy Navigability:

Extreme care should be taken to create condensed menus at the top of the page and drop down or pop out menus to enable easy navigability to the users.

Enable less loading time:

The designers should see it that the web pages don’t take a long time to load. Users generally don’t appreciate waiting for a long time for the page to be loaded.

The above said are some are some basic tips to make your responsive web design effective. Create a responsive web design to suit your requirements and enjoy the benefits.

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